Deaf Alert Systems


For those with differing abilities in terms of hearing, it can be useful to have certain products. For example, with the use of deaf alert systems, those with hearing impairments can receive the alerts the same as hearing individuals, just with different tactics in place to accommodate their unique abilities. With our selection of deaf alert systems, find the perfect solution for this area of life that has been created to meet the needs of the hearing impaired.

We offer a diverse selection of deaf alert systems to choose from when shopping for this sort of technology. Our inventory features a wide range of products including bed shakers, clocks, phone signalers, and vibrating alarms. Choose from some of the most well-respected names in the industry. such as Sonic Alert, Harris Communications, and more, for dependable performance you can count on for years to come. All of the deaf alert systems in our inventory are made with the latest in technology and the best in design for a device that will add value and ease to life. One of the most important products for the hearing impaired are alarms that help with waking up. We offer both digital and analog clocks that use vibrations to gently wake someone from sleep. Another popular product in this category are the versatile alerts that allow you to set them to a variety of appliances for alerts, such as kitchen timers, lights, doorbells, and more, to make life a little more manageable. Whether looking for a phone signaler to alert of incoming calls or a smoke detector device, we have everything you need in terms of alert systems for those with differing hearing abilities.

At School Health, we have spent six decades providing our valued customers with the best in high-quality solutions for a range of purpose. With an expansive selection of products at affordable prices, we are sure you will find exactly what you need. If you have any questions about the options we proudly offer, please contact us for assistance.