ABC's of Hand Washing


ABC's of Hand Washing

Learn the essentials of hand washing! 

By Erin Sabyan


To teach the essentials of hand washing



Using the spot markers, create a circular or square shape around the perimeter of the gym.


  • Select 6 students to be germs and hand each of them a foam ball.  Note: this number can change depending on the overall number of participants.
  • At the teacher’s signal, the germs try to tag other students between the shoulders and hips.  They are not allowed to throw the ball.
  • When a player is tagged, they must go to one of the spot markers which each represents a “sink”.  While standing on the sink they must pretend to take two pumps of soap while saying out loud, “insert school name” one and then “insert school name” two (ex. Johnson Elementary one, Johnson Elementary two).  Then, the student must pretend to wash their hands and sing one of three songs – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Happy Birthday, or ABC’s.  When they finish the song, they come back into play.

Note: Classes may use all green balls to represent the germs and add more fun. Tendril balls also make for extra excitement.



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