Access Angle: Cat Tongue Grip

Gabriel Ryan, School Health Blog Writer and Contributor

I recently had the opportunity to try out Cat Tongue Grips, a non-slip, non-abrasive, solution for keeping a grip on things. This product line includes adhesive grips for phones and laptops, grip tape rolls/strips, and small grip pads. This company’s mission is to help everyone “get a better grip”. I was impressed to learn more about their perspective of Cat Tongue Grip products and how they have helped people with disabilities, such as Paralympian Chris Waddell. Cat Tongue Grips products are not made with natural rubber latex, they are waterproof, flame resistant, can be easily cut to custom sizes, and more. Additionally, these products come in a variety of colors and design options.

Here are a few ways I have used the Cat Tongue Grips. I have cut small strips of Cat Tongue Non-Abrasive Grip Tape and placed it on the handle of my hand-held shower sprayer for an easier grip. The 8” x 12” clear Non-Adhesive Gription Pad has been handy to use on my wheelchair tray as it is small and grippy to keep items from slipping around. The Non-Abrasive Grip Kit includes 26 small, adhesive-backed, pre-cut grips. I tried out a few small pieces on the back of my TV remote, on a dimmer and rocker light switch that I use the most in my home, and on a tablet stand that holds my iPad in place. I have found that Cat Tongue Grip products are useful for keeping things in place. Another benefit I found is that they provide helpful visual and tactile supports. The pre-cut grips in black can serve as a bold visual cue, while the clear color easily blends into the surface color it is adhered to. The texture is great for providing tactile feedback to know my hand is in the right location of the grip, for example, when using it on a light switch in low light. As Chris Waddell mentions in the Cat Tongue Grip product video, “once you start using this product you start to think about other applications” for its’ use. As someone who uses non-skid material daily, I couldn’t agree more!


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