Amazing Race

Set up:


Amazing Race

Finish all seven stations and complete six travel cards with integrity with your partners!

To finish all seven stations and complete six travel cards with integrity with your partner(s).


Description of Game:

Each team of 2-4 students starts on a station. While the first person ( or more depending on the size of team) does the first activity at the station, their teammates are doing the second task. Once the partner(s) have completed the task to the cone and back, they high 5 one another and then switch and complete the other task. When all tasks have been completed at the station the players will go and get a travel card and complete the task together. Once they have completed all 7 tasks and 6 travel cards they are finished and should step to the podium with their teacher. Students can start at any station and rotate to any station in any order. They must complete a travel card before starting a new station. If students are not performing their stations with integrity they can be given a “Detour Card” which will slow them down. This will either have them start over that station or have them perform an additional task.

Podium Questions:

  1. Is your whole team here?
  2. Did you end on an activity?
  3. Did you travel 6 places?

Congratulations your team #__


1) Forearm Plank  1) Side shuffle to cone and back
2) Push-ups  2) Skip to cone and back
3) Jumping Jacks  3) Scoot to cone and back
4) Wall Sit  4) Walking lunges to cone and back
5) Squats  5) Frankenstein Walk to cone and back
6) Burpees  6) Jog to cone and back
7) Shoulder touches  7) Lay on belly and scoot to cone and back

Travel Cards:

  1. All partners Jog two laps
  2. 10 Partner twirl n jumps ( each partner jumps 10 times)
  3. Hurdle Jumps- each partner must perform a two footed jump over all hurdles
  4. 20 Partner Football hikes and catches with mini fish footballs (20 ft apart)
  5. 10 Partner back to back medicine ball passes
  6. 10 partner sit ups with high 5’s

14 cones each approximately 30 feet apart.

Thank you to Kim Walker-Smith for the idea for this game!


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