Cardio Spelling

Set up:


Cardio Spelling

Get your heart pumping while practicing spelling! For grades 2 and up.


Grade Level:

2nd grade and up


How to Play:

  • Split students into groups of four
  • At the start of each lane (group), the first student will start on their poly spot
  • The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th students will be spaced out along the gym floor on their poly spot. Each spot has a different exercise/activity.
  • To start, the students on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th poly spots start exercising. The teacher will give student 1 the spelling word; they look at the word and put it on the ground.
  • Person 1 jogs to Person 2 and tells them the first letter of the spelling word, person 2 jogs to person 3 and tells them the letter and person 3 jogs to person 4 and tells them the letter. Person 4 then writes the letter down on the dry erase board (kind of like old school spelling).
  • Once each person is told the letter, they do that exercise until they are visited again with the next letter
  • After person four writes down the letter, they head back to the beginning to get the next letter and the process begins again. This occurs until the entire word is written.

Do the entire word instead of each letter, instead of running to the next spot, do a locomotor movement, give several exercises at each spot.


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