Chicken Coop

Set up:


Chicken Coop

Get as many animals as you can during the game’s time frame!


To get as many animals as you can during the game’s time frame

• 36-72 Flat Hoops (14037-PS)
The Zone™ Buckets (15609-PS)
• 12 Animal Critters rubber or animal bean bags. Big Fish Footballs (16093-PS), Mini Fish Footballs (17154-PS) or Animal Bean Bags (26027-PS)
Round Base Goals Adjustable Height – modification for hula huts (17190)

•Split the gym into two sides and the kids evenly onto two sides
•Each team needs to set up their hoops into mini hula huts, and place an animal inside
•Each side needs an equal number of animals in a bucket behind



  1. Roll/throw balls at the other team’s chicken coops while protecting your own.
  2. When a coop collapses, the other team can send over a student to collect that animal and put it in their bucket.
  3. When a coop collapses on your side, you need to take an animal out of your bucket and rebuild a new chicken coop for it.
  4. Keep playing until the music stops or the teacher determines that the game is over.
  5. The team that has more animals in their bucket wins the game.


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