Circle Ball


Circle Ball

A fast paced goal game for all skill levels!


Set Up:

  • Place the Round Base Goal in the center of the playing surface (can be indoor or outdoor)
  • Use boundary markers to create two large rings with the Round Base Goal at the center. One ring is 15 feet from the Round Base Goal and the outer ring is 30 feet from the center. The area within the ring closest to the goal is neutral and not to be entered unless to retrieve a ball.
  • The area between the 15 foot and 30 foot rings will be known as the “defensive area” and the area outside of the 30 foot ring is the scoring/offensive area.


  • This game is played with two teams and no limit to the number of players.
  • The two teams are divided in equal number of players and skill. 

Game Play:

  • Both teams start in the defensive area
  • Players are never allowed to go within the inner most circle that is closest to the RBG unless it is to retrieve the ball.
  • Play begins when the teacher throws in the 5” ball.
  • The team that gains possession of the ball leaves the defensive area for the offensive area.
  • Once all the offensive players are outside of the defensive area, they can begin trying to score.  They score goals by throwing the ball into the Round Base Goal.
    One point is scored if the ball hits any part of the outside of the goal and 3 points are scored if the ball enters the goal from the top.  The ball does not have to stay in the goal or net to count.
  • Players in the offensive zone can run and pass the ball to team mates.  This includes throwing the ball to a player on the far side of the offensive area. 
  • The team in the defensive area tries to block the goal and knock down or catch any attempts to score or when the ball is passed through the defensive area.  All defensive players must stay in the defensive area until they gain possession of the ball.
  • When a defensive player gets the ball, everyone on their team must get into the offensive area as fast as they can before they can score any points.  If any goal is scored before all players are in the offensive area, the goal will not count and the ball is given to the opposing team.
  • When a goal is scored the defensive team takes possession of the ball and immediately heads to the offensive area and begins trying to score.
  • The first team to score 21 points is the winner.

Game Variation:

Place a 20” Round Base Goal (#17278) in the center of the 40” Round Base Goal at a different height. Assign higher points if the ball goes into the 20” Round Base Goal (think of Skeeball).


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