EnableMart Product Review - TheraBand Hand Exerciser

Crush, Pinch, and Grip Your Way To Better Hand Health
by Gabriel Ryan


TheraBand Hand Exercisers are small resistance balls that fit in the palm of your hand. These exercisers can be used to strengthen your grip, increase hand mobility, and improve dexterity. The Hand Exerciser comes in two different sizes standard and extra-large.

I use this type of resistance ball with my physical therapist, Laura, for the following exercises:

  • Reaching

  • Stretching my arms

  • To practice hand grip and release (by transferring the ball from one hand to the other)

"The hand exercisers are good for dexterity exercises and can be helpful to use when recovering from an injury or to build endurance.” Laura Perry, DPT

TheraBand Hand Exercisers are:

  • Made of non-latex polymer

  • Washable with soap and water

  • Useful for cold therapy – just refrigerate for 1.5 to 2 hours

  • Useful for hot therapy – just microwave 5 second increments

  • Helpful for toes and foot strengthening

Here is a quick reference chart that gives you some ideas of exercises you can do with the TheraBand balls.








Which level of resistance is right for you? Check out the following chart:

Color Red/Red XL Green/Green XL Blue/Blue XL Black/Black XL
Lbs. of Force at50% Compression 3 lbs. 5 lbs. 8 lbs. 17 lbs.


You can learn more about and purchase the TheraBand Hand Exercisers and other resistance exercise related products by visiting the EnableMart website.


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