Avoid getting caught by the Fisherman!

By: Erin Sabyan


The Fishies have to avoid getting caught by Fisherman.



Note: This game setup is for medium to large class sizes. Small classes may reduce the number of BIGFish and adjust spots accordingly.

  • The number of spot markers you need depends on the number of players in the game. Subtract 12 from the total number of players. This will be your spot count. (ex. 30 players – 12 = 18 spots)
  • Spread out the spots in a random pattern throughout the playing area. 
  • Assign six players to be “Fishies” and give each a BIGFish.  Spread them out randomly.
  • Assign six players to be Fisherman and spread them out randomly apart from the fishies.
  • All remaining players will take a place on a poly spot. Only one player per spot.


  • It is the Fisherman’s job to catch the BIGFish. This is done by tagging the fishies between the shoulders and hips. The fishies can run anywhere they want. The only way for a fishy to be safe is to hand off their BIGFish to any player on a spot marker and take their place. Note: This must be a hand off. Throwing is not allowed.
  • Players who receive a BIGFish must take it and either avoid being caught by a fisherman, or hand it off to a player on a different spot marker. The player cannot hand it directly back to the fishy they received it from.
  • When a fisherman tags a fishy, they receive the BIGFish and the former fishy moves to a poly spot. The player on the spot becomes a fisherman.
  • This is a continuous game. There is no single winner. Plays continues until the teacher signals.


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