Fish Toss

Set up:



Fish Toss

Toss the fish up the court and try to get it in the net!


Big Fish Footballs (16093-PS) (need 12 for a class of 24 kids)
Mini Fish Footballs (17154-PS)
Round Base Goals Adjustable Height (17190-PS)
The Zone™ Paratossers (16220-PS) or The Zone™ HD Parachutes (15487-PS)

•Divide your class into two teams, split up the colored parachutes into teams (red, purple, yellow vs. blue orange, green) or whatever combo you prefer.
•Put a round net goal on each side of the gym
•Each parachute needs a partner duo.
•The fish starts on one of the parachutes.


How to play:
•The RPY team will try to pass the fish up the court to try and score into the round net goal on the opposite side. The BOG team will try to intercept the ball to try and move it down the other side of the court to their round net.
•You always have to travel with your partner and cannot let go of the parachute at anytime.
•If a team does not catch the fish, it is a turnover to the other team.
•Once a goal is scored, then the other team starts with the fish.

•Use a big fish
•Use a small fish
•Use a ball
•Use multiple balls or fish


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