Five Base Kickball


Five Base Kickball

Be the team with the most points scored after 7 innings!


To be the team with the most points scored after 7 innings.


Set Up:

  • Using a typical baseball field design, place the 6 cannons in a row, all at different angles, where home plate would typically rest. They should all face the outfield.
  • Place the four hoops in an equal distance arc, similar to the 3 bases of a normal baseball field. Note: There will be 4 “bases” rather than 3.
  • One team will take positions in the outfield and place one player behind the cannons, in the catcher’s position.
  • The other team lines up in a single file row close to the cannons. This is the “batting” team.


  • The batter steps up to one cannon and jumps or stomps on it to launch the ball. Batters must run the bases in a counter clockwise direction like kickball.  They can chose to just run to the first base and stay there for the whole round. 
  • The next batter should load the empty cannon while awaiting their turn. All cannons should be loaded prior to a turn. However, a batter can stomp on any cannon during their turn.
  • Each base/hoop is worth one point.  So 1st base is worth 1 point, 2nd base 2 points, 3rd base 3 points, 4th base 4 points and Home base 5 points. 
  • There are four ways for a batter to get out.
  1. The opposing team catches the batter’s ball in the air.
  2. If a batter stomps on an empty cannon, for any reason.
  3. A “force out” – The opposing team retrieves the batter’s ball while in play and steps on the base before the batter gets there, or the opposing team’s catcher gains control of the ball before the batter clears the line of cannons.
    Note: There are no “tag outs.” Multiple runners may run to a base, but a force out will apply to them all.
  4. The batter changes or reverses their running direction while running to a base/home plate.

Note: Runners must remain in a straight line and cannot change their mind once they decide to run.

Teams switch places after each batter gets a turn. It is the responsibility of the batting team to make sure that all cannons are properly loaded.

Game note:

As soon as a play is over, the ball should be thrown/rolled back to the batting team.  As soon as this happens, the next batter can go.  They do not need to wait for the ball to actually get back to them.  The ball’s return is the signal for the next batter to go.  This speeds up the game.


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