Set up:



Capture all the players from the other team behind your baseline! 

By Erin Sabyan


Capture all the players from the other team behind your baseline.


Set Up:

  • Play is set up on a volleyball sized court with cones or floor markers for the boundary.
  • Players separate in to two teams using Sleeve-Its and or pinnies. 
  • Each player wears one Super Strap & one Super Flag.
  • Spread all six BIGFish throughout the playing area.


  • Game starts with all the players of each team starting on their own side of the court.
  • Players try to pull the flags of the opposing team. When they accomplish this, they must drop the flag onto the ground so the opposing player can get pick it up and get it back. That player is then considered “caught” and must go behind the opposing team’s base line.
  • Players can get out from behind the base line if a teammate tosses them a BIGFish. 

Note: Throwing the balls rugby style works the best and should be taught as a skill to learn. The player who has been captured must catch the BIGFish in the air to get out. After they catch the BIGFish, they perform a dropkick to kick the ball back into play. After the drop kick they come back in.

Note: Drop kicks involve a player dropping the ball and then kicking it when it bounces off the ground.

  • Players cannot run with the BIGFish. They must throw them to advance them forward.
  • If one team gets all the opposing players captured behind their base line, they are the winners.

Game Discussion:

This is a great strategy game and the students should be allowed 30 seconds between rounds to discuss team strategy. It is a good idea to designate players whose role it is to capture other players and have players designated to get their teammates back. Depending on the player’s ages, they will figure out this strategy on their own.


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