Getting Kids Excited about Nutrition

Getting Kids Excited about Nutrition

It seems the sight of children running around a playground is few and far between. Tablets, television and video game consoles are the new slides and swings, and it is taking a toll on children’s eating habits and physical health.

The inactivity of children has turned childhood obesity into a global epidemic and according to Benioff Children’s Hospitals, media use has been identified as a main contributing factor. Studies from Benioff states children between 8 and 18 spend about 6 hours and 43 minutes a day on media devices. Limited physical activity is an obvious reason excessive screen time is unhealthy, but the ads that come with the media they are consuming can be harmful as well. Children’s media often contains ads for foods that mostly have high sugar and high fat content.

Getting children away from their tablet completely is a tough task, but being able to limit screen time by finding something more entertaining is a big first step, and that first step can be at school.

School Health can provide your schools with equipment from Palos Sports that provides unique and engaging activities in gym class. The Zone™ 3-on-3 Scooter Basketball provides a unique and fun approach to basketball that keeps students moving and engaged. The Zone™ Alien Spaceship Battle is a fun alternative to bowling with more intense competition. These activities provide a fresh new experience for kids instead of a normal game of kickball or jump rope.

What a child replenishes with after physical activity is just as important as the activity itself. explains the lifestyle benefits for children that eat healthy as well as what these healthy habits can prevent.

As teachers, it is important to educate your students on the benefits of good nutrition, and work to introduce them to some healthy snacks. School Health provides numerous ways to educate children on what a balanced meal looks like. The MyPlate Real Plate is a teaching aid used at mealtimes to show food groups and portion sizes for each meal.

 School Health also provides nutritional snacks and drinks to give students and athletes after physical activity. Muscle Milk Genuine Protein Shakes include high quality proteins that help with workout recovery and building strength. The Clif Shot Bloks Electrolyte Chews are an edible option for workout recovery and protein, and also provide high energy for a low-calorie intake.

Helping your students understand what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be essential for their future and taking a fun and rewarding approach through games and engaging educational resources can make it easier for them to remember key components.