Hidden Spots

Set up:


Hidden Spots

Send them on a search that requires cooperative play!


  • Hidden Spots (21213-PS)
  • #’d Scavenger Cards (1 for each team) on a metal ring
  • Teacher Key Scavenger Card
  • 6-12 Colored Cones (1 for each team) (21162-PS)
  • Basketball and/or soccer ball

Scatter spots with hidden spot face down throughout playing area. Place cones as home base for each team. Keep ring of scavenger cards in front of home cone.

Description of Games:

Colored Spot Search
Students are placed into pairs or small groups. Students travel together by using various locomotor skills in search of the hidden spots. Teams must stay together when traveling and must find the hidden spots in the order on the scavenger cards by flipping spot over to reveal its color. As each spot is found, teams must report to the teacher and then continue with the next colored spot.

Agility Race
Set cones up equally spaced on a basketball sideline and have 2-3 students stand behind each cone. Scatter hidden spots in playing area in front of the cones. Call out color sequences starting with just two colors at a time. Have students run and touch each colored spot in correct sequence with their hands and then return to cone. When color is repeated back to back, students MUST touch two different spots (cant touch the same spot twice in a row). Progress color sequence from 2 colors to 6 colors. Continue repeating the color sequence to help students. Can use projector and display the color sequence for a visual aid.

Agility Race w Basketballs/Soccer balls
Repeat same agility activity as above but add dribbling a basketball and squatting down to touch hidden spot with non dribbling hand. If using a soccer ball, students dribble ball and tap spot with their non dribbling foot.


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