Jumbo Deck Rings



Jumbo Deck Rings

Games utilizing Jumbo Deck Rings!


Ring Shuffle

Objective: Get rings into shuffleboard type areas with point values.
Equipment: Jumbo Deck Rings, shuffleboard courts and soft Pillo Polo sticks.
Directions: Play similar to shuffleboard with teams of 4-6 players. Every player has a chance to add points and push rings.
Variation: Do not use knock out rules, just have players add all points scored.


Demolition Derby

Objective: Agility skills and increased endurance.
Equipment: 6 Jumbo Deck Rings, 12 poly spots and music for the activity.
Directions: Scatter 6 poly spots behind each endline on each side of gym, these areas are designated as the junkyards. Divide class into 3 groups, groups 1 and 2 on each endline, group 3 in the middle of the gym. Give Group 3 the Jumbo Deck Rings. Group 3 holds Jumbo Deck Rings in front of them, they are the cars and the rings are the front bumper. When the music starts, the groups from the junkyard run back and forth between junkyards trying to avoid being tagged by the front bumper of the cars. When bumped they have a flat tire and must go to the nearest poly spot and perform 10 jumping jacks to inflate their tire to rejoin the game. Switch groups so all have a chance to be the center group. Switch activities performed at poly spots.


Toxic Waste

Objective: transfer ball on ring with ropes from one cone to another.
Equipment: 1 Jumbo Deck Ring, 4 jump ropes, 1 large ball and 2 cones per each group of 4
Description: Tie jump ropes around deck ring so 4 students can carry ring. Place ring over cone and balance the large ball on top of cone. Students must communicate and work together to raise the ball off the cone and transfer it to the other cone without spilling the “Toxic Waste”. Use as a cooperative activity or race with other teams.
Submitted by: Lisa Davis and Dave Hoffa, Honey Creek Elementary, Terre Haute, IN


Kickball Knockdown

Objective: Kicking team must topple cones before fielding team can retrieve all kicked balls and place them in Jumbo Deck Rings.
Equipment: Jumbo Deck Rings, playground balls and cones- each for half the class.
Directions: Divide class into two teams- the kicking and fielding teams. Scatter cones on one half of playing area and scatter Jumbo Deck Rings on the other half. Each member of the kicking team lines up on the baseline with a ball to kick. The fielding team is standing on the opposite baseline waiting to receive the balls. On signal, the balls are kicked! The kicking team races to the cones and topples them with their hands and returns to the baseline. The fielding team retrieves the balls and places them in the Jumbo Deck Rings and returns to their baseline. Whichever team completes the task first receives a point. Teams switch roles so everyone has a chance to be kicker or fielder.
Variation: After the students have played a few times, add this twist: start with the cones toppled over and have players stand them up- it’s much harder!
Submitted by: S. Kursar, C. Vetter & J. Folley of Indian Springs School Distrct, Naperville, IL


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