Left – Right – Miss


Set up: 



Left - Right - Miss

Players try to move all three ice cream scoops from the left to the right by hitting targets!

Grade: K-12

Equipment Needed:

  • Floor Tape or two pieces of standard sized paper and scotch tape 
  • Ball or Paper Airplane (ball should be safe to toss indoors against a wall
  • 4 Spot Markers 
  • 3 Foam Ice Cream Scoops  (these items can be substituted with anything that are baseball to golf ball sized that can be moved easily from one place to the next and stay in place without rolling away)


  • Using tape, create a box on the wall with a vertical line down the center from the top to the bottom separating the box into two halves. (If using two pieces of standard sized paper, just tape them next to each other with 1-2 inches between them -- Size of the box can vary by age and difficulty level desired -- Smaller the box the more difficult the challenge will be)
  • Place the spot markers on the floor below the target on the wall 
  • Place all three foam ice cream scoops on the left spot marker to start. 
  • Place one spot marker 10 feet away from the wall. (this marks the place the player will throw from and difficulty can be increased to lessoned by moving the spot farther to closer to the wall with the target)

How to Play:

  • Players try to move all three ice cream scoops from the left spot marker to the one on the farthest right. 
  • To move the ice cream scoops the player must throw a safe ball and hit the target box on the right side. Each time this box is hit, the player runs up and moves one ice cream scoopone place to the right. If they miss the box or hit the center line, it is a “miss” and they must throw again without moving any of the ice cream scoops. If they hit the left box, they mustmove one of the ice cream scoops to the left. 
  • The game is over when all the ice cream scoops are on the spot marker on the right. 


To make the game more challenging, give the players a limited amount of throws to move all three ice cream scoops to the right spot. For example: start with 12 tosses and then start over. When the player gets to the point they can win in 12 throws most of the time, move them farther from the wall and lower the amount of throws to 10. 

Two or more Players: 

To create more fun, play with two or more players. Each player needs their own target box on the wall, sport markers and items to move from the left to the right. First player to get all three objects to the right are the winner. 


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