Math Frenzy

Set up:


Math Frenzy

Increase cardiovascular endurance while combining different math skills!

The Zone™ Pocket Cubes (16981-PS)
Colored Cone Set (21049-PS)
Foam Dice (15034-PS)
Skinny Hoops (14029-PS)
The Zone™ Cone Folders (21192-PS)

To increase cardiovascular endurance while combining different math skills.

Description of Game:
Students will start by scattering within the gym or playing area. On the signal “Go” students will run around tagging as many people as they can in 30 seconds while staying within the boundaries of the 6 cones. Students may tag someone more than once but never consecutively. Students will need to keep a running tally in their heads of all the tags they make. Students not making a full effort or trying to tag others without running will be told to start their count over at 0.


After the 30 seconds are up students will find the station that corresponds with their number of tags. Ex. Student made 14 tags so they look for the station that 14 will fall under and that would be the station with the sign showing 11-15 tags. Once at this station the student with the highest number of tags is the teacher. If more than one student has the same highest number they roll a dice as a tiebreaker or play RPS. If a student is the only one at the station then they are still the teacher and will wait for students to come to them once the game begins. When a student is the teacher they will stand facing the remaining students and will hold up flash cards one at a time for students to say the answer.


The student who answers correctly gets to leave the group. That student should then go to one end of the playing area and roll the pocket cubes inside a hoop. The two cubes will tell that student an exercise to perform and how many. When they are done they should run and join another group at a different station and attempt to guess the right answer. After 1-2 minutes, place all items in the hoops and get ready for a new round of tag. Students earn a point if they perform an exercise at all 6 pocket cube stations at any point.

Change locomotor movements and tagging rules for other rounds. Ex: after each tag put one hand behind back and when tagged with both hands behind your back perform 5 squats to return to the game. Hold out all 5 fingers and each time you tag someone put a finger away and when all fingers(5 tags) are gone you may become a teacher. Stop when all 6 teachers have been selected. Students can pick which teacher to start with.

Set Up:
Around the perimeter of the gym set up 6 stations, one in each corner and two across from one another in the middle forming a rectangle. Each station will have a hula hoop, a cone, one dice, a sign holder with the range of tags in sleeve (Ex 0-5 Tags) and flash cards. At both ends of the playing area will be 3 hoops each with two pocket cubes in them.

Station Signs:
0-5 Tags, 6-10 Tags, 11-15 Tags, 16-20 Tags, 21-25 Tags, 25+ Tags

Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication


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