Muscle Madness



Muscle Madness

The team that collects all the necessary muscles to assemble the body first, Wins!

Grade level:


How to Play:

  • 2-3 people to a hoop
  • Each hoop contains a poly muscle head and 2 dice
  • Students take turns rolling dice (each rolls 1 dice)
  • Students add the two dice together
  • Students run to the sign that has the sum of their two dice.
  • Once at the sum. They must do the exercise that it says to do then grab a muscle from pile under sign and return to their hoop
  • Team that collects all the necessary muscles to assemble the skeleton first, Wins!


  • Can be played with bones instead of muscles.
  • Can add more stations totaling up to 36 and use multiplication instead of addition.
  • Can have students answer a bone/muscle fact first before grabbing one to return to their home hoop.

Muscle Madness Stations by #

  1. Sloppy Dice: No muscle, Run 1 lap while singing ABC’s
  2. Traps: 20 Shoulder shrugs (10 forward and 10 backward)
  3. Deltoids: 10 Shoulder Taps
  4. Pecs: 1 Partner chest Bump & Grunt
  5. Biceps: 10 Arm Circles
  6. Obliques: Medicine ball twist exchange with partner
  7. Abs: 15 second leg lifts
  8. Forearm : Arm curls using exercise band
  9. Groin: Leg swings facing wall (both hands on wall, swing leg across body)
  10. Quads: 30 second wall sits
  11. Gastroc: 20 toe raises
  12. Hands/Feet: Give Partner a “high 10” and yell “woo-hoo”


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