National Nurses' Week 2023 Wrap Up


Our team at School Health is inspired by school nurses like you every day! Thank you for your passion for school nursing and for keeping students healthy and safe.

We love celebrating school nurses like you on National Nurses Week and School Nurse Day. We know that the demands and responsibilities of nurses have drastically changed, but we are continually inspired by your resilience, perseverance, and dedication to your students.

For National Nurses Week, we asked you to share moments that make you love what you do. Below are just some of the answers we received!

I would have to say that working with the kids day in and day out keeps me passionate about my job.  I find it very rewarding and fulfilling. Hearing about their day, sharing their joys, and helping them through their hard times is satisfying. Each day is different, which I love! Sometimes the kids just come to say hello and other times it is because they are sick or injured. You never know what is going to happen.  One time I had a student who needed a winter coat. When I gave it to her, she hugged me and thanked me. I wanted to cry because our storage area became a blessing to someone who really needed it. It was at that moment that I realized that school nursing was a huge opportunity to minister not only to the kids, but also to the community. It was more about taking care of their health. School nursing takes care of the whole child. I am thankful for that lesson. – Tonya B.

I have been at the same school for 18 years. It's so cute when they bring me random gifts or just come to get a hug. Many of my current students are the children of my former students. It is such a joy to see them growing up and going out into the world. – Kelly M.

I have spent my school nursing career at the same elementary school for the past 30 years. I am now taking care of the children of my former students. It is great fun to share stories of students’ parents with these students. I love mentoring my former students when they choose nursing and medicine as a career by providing shadowing experiences in my clinic. My most rewarding days as a school nurse are the ones when I facilitate a newly diagnosed T1D kiddo getting back to school. These students and their families depend on the school nurse, and it is a pleasure to provide this support. – Jeanne A. 

I have been a school nurse for six years. They have been some of the hardest and most rewarding years that I have worked in the nursing profession. I work primarily at a middle school, which I believe is the most challenging time in kids’ lives. Every day we struggle with kids trying to find themselves and fit in to whichever area of life they are drawn to. Kids want to be accepted, want to be loved, and want to be part of something. This process is exhausting, especially for kids that come with more emotional, social, and physical baggage. Every morning, I try to remember that kids are the way they are because someone made them this way, and that we as nurses, teachers, educators, need to be patient, caring, and kind. I try to build trusting relationships with my students and communicate openly and honestly with them. It is so important to empower this age group to advocate for themselves and help them understand how important it is for them to be a part of their solution and problem solving. They need tools to get through life, and if I can add to their toolbox, I want to do this. I love my job and am thankful every day that I get to work with students and, hopefully, help them be successful in their lives. – Jennifer M.

What keeps me passionate about school nursing? I Love my role in EDUCATING THE STUDENTS!! – Stacy C. 

I have been a school nurse for seven years, and I couldn't ask for a better job. I love the kids. I work in a smaller district from grades K-12, so I am the only nurse. You never know what each day will bring. Some days are a challenge being the only nurse. No one to collaborate with, but the environment in a school is great. Everyone that works in a school setting has a passion for the kids. – Molly T.

At School Health, we understand the role that school nurses play in their schools and communities. Our team is here to support you, so that you can provide the best care for your students and help them succeed in school and beyond. Thanks for everything you do!