Number Madness

Set up:


Number Madness

Collect popsicle sticks by finding the sum of the two numbers that were rolled using the dice!



  • Place the 12 buckets and stations signs around the perimeter.
  • Put the hoops in the center. In each hoop put a whiteboard, marker and two dice.
  • 2-3 students at each hoop.

How to Play:

  • Two people to a hoop
  • Each hoop contains a white board and two dice
  • Students take turns rolling dice (each rolls one dice)
  • Students add the two dice together (older students can multiply the dice together) You can use the whiteboard to write out the problem.
  • Students run to the number on the wall which is the sum of their two dice
  • Once at the sum (# on the wall) they must do the exercise that it says to do then grab a stick out of the bucket below and return to their hoop with their stick.


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