OrCam MyEYE Pro

Gabriel Ryan, School Health Blog Writer and Contributor 

A few months ago I wrote an article about the OrCam Read, which is a smart pen that converts text from any printed surface or digital screen into audio. This device is for people with low vision, reading fatigue, reading difficulties, including dyslexia, and for anyone who would prefer to listen to the text. I recently had the opportunity to try another product from OrCam which is called the OrCam MyEYE Pro. Much like the OrCam Read, the MyEye Pro is a small portable assistive reading device which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This device is smaller, at 0.59” x 0.83” x 2.99”, it is designed to attach to the frames of any pair of glasses.

Key features of this product include:

  • Reads text from any printed surface like magazines or books, and digital screens such as a computer
  • Identifies products, currency, and recognizes faces
  • Built-in mini speaker
  • Bluetooth enabled allowing pairing with earphones or speakers.
  • Adjustable user settings, such as volume, reading speed, and choice of voice
  • Touch/swipe sensor bar
  • Operates using several voice commands, such as, “Hey OrCam” followed by the command
  • Smart Reading”, simply ask and listen. Retrieve and read only the text that interests you
  • OrCam MyEYE Pro comes with a charger, USB cable, eyeglasses frames, mounting kit, and a carrying case

I was excited to try the OrCam MyEYE Pro because of the hands-free features as compared to the handheld OrCam Read. The device came with an eyeglasses frame in the box since it must be mounted to the frames for use. I already wear glasses and was able to attach one of the magnetic mounts to the arm of my glasses and cinch the straps tightly. The mount magnets allow the OrCam MyEYE Pro to attach in the correct position, ready to focus on text in front of you. When not in use, the mount simply stays on the glasses. I’ve found this mount has not been distracting to me at all. Although it looks like it may be heavy, when mounted the device is hardly noticeable and does not weigh down on the frame contact points on my face.

I decided to test out this device on multiple occasions, including while at the grocery store. Since I have a vision impairment, generally I know the products I like to purchase by their colors on the packaging, the pictures and logos, if the name is printed in larger text, I can recognize that pattern, etc.. I like to check out new products and look for deals. I spent some time cruising the aisles and learning about the various options. Using this device for the first time, I was blown away by the additional detail I was able to learn about all the store products. I never knew there were so many different types of coffee brands, flavors, and roast options in one store. Of course, I can see the packaging, but I am not able to get close enough to read the fine print on the packaging. I was amazed the OrCam MyEYE read the packaging and the price of everything in front of me. I really enjoyed going to the different sections of the store and repeating this same experience in the noodle aisle, the soup aisle, etc. I used the built-in speaker and noticed that I could hear the information clearly and those shopping around me were not really able to hear the device reading all the details of everything, it was fairly discreet.

There are several other features to explore on this device, which could truly be exciting to anyone with a visual impairment or reading challenges looking for this type of assistive technology. A few things to keep in mind if taking this device on the go:

  • The battery life is up to 2-hours, plan your use accordingly.
  • Consider carrying a mobile charger to plug the device in and allow the 40-minute recharge as you transition to your next activity.
  • If the device isn’t verbally responding, a brief touch on the sensor bar activates the device once again.
  • After prolonged use, the device became warm to the touch. As with any electronics, monitor this and any devices when using for long periods of time.

For more information or to purchase the OrCam MyEYE Pro visit the School Health website. Check out the additional details through the following resources:


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