Rainbow Tag



Rainbow Tag

Collect one flag of each color of the rainbow! 

Equipment Needed:

Note: Super Straps and Flags can be bought individually.  The two sets above will cover a class size of 36 students.


To collect one flag of each color of the rainbow


Any large open area inside or outside will work fine.  Size of space should be determined by the number of participants. Typically a volleyball or basketball sized court will work.

Set up :

Each player starts with one Super Strap (color does not matter) and one Super Flag and takes a random place on the court.


When the teacher says go, students try to collect Super Flags from other players until they have collected all six colors of the rainbow. 


Players are not allowed to have multiple Super Flags in their hand.  Once a Super Flag is captured from another player, they must attach the Super Flag to their Super Strap.


Team Rainbow Tag

Teams work together to collect all six colors of the rainbow.  To win, one team member must have all six Super Flag colors at the same time.  Teams are designated by having the same Super Strap color.  Same rules apply as above where each team member can only have one Super Flag in their hand at a time and must place that Super Flag on their Super Strap, or a teammates Super Strap before collecting another Super Flag.


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