Recon Battleship

Set up:


Recon Battleship

Sink the other teams battleships before they sink yours by throwing balls over the mats! 

To sink the other teams battleships before they sink yours by throwing balls over the mats. Teams can use recon missions to share information on target locations.


Description of Game:

Students will be divided into two teams. Each team will place their weighted targets on 4 different fitness steps in a location they choose on their half of the gym. These will be the ships for the game. There will be two ships with two targets and two ships with four targets for each team. Each ship will also have a safe barrier of hula hoops around them. No player may step inside these when guarding their ships. Along one side of the gym will be the letters A-F and along the bottom near the center will be the numbers 1-6. These will be to help students share locations of their opponents ships when they do a recon mission. Students will throw balls blindly attempting to knock over targets and sinking the other teams ships. If a player catches a ball from the other team before it hits the ground they get to run a recon mission. A recon mission allows the student to run a lap around the perimeter of the gym. During this lap they will gather information on the location of the other teams ships. They will then share that information with their teammates. Approximately 8 feet from the center of the gym on both sides is a red line. Students may not cross the line while standing. If they need to get a ball they will need to army crawl to get the ball and then crawl back. This is so they cannot see over the mats.

Set Up:

Set 5-6 folding mats standing up across the center of the gym dividing the gym into two halves. 4 fitness steps with 2 or 4 targets on them, A-F and 1-6 spots on floor.


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