Spelling Super Stars



Spelling Superstars

Spell a sight word by touching the alphabet poly spots while doing a jog or skill! 

To spell a sight word by touching the alphabet poly spots while doing a jog or skill.


Scatter the alphabet poly spots all over the gym. Put the dice on an end wall. Put the word cards on a table or in a hoop on the floor.

How to Play:

  • Have each student select one word card.
  • They will travel around the gym looking for the correct letters that go with their spots.
  • For example, if your word is cat, you will jog and touch the letter C, then the A, and then finally the T with your foot. You don’t need to stop for long at the letters.
  • Once you complete a word, you earn a roll of the dice. Roll the dice, do the exercise 10 times.
  • Choose a new card and repeat the process until your time is up or you run out of cards. Depending on the number of word cards you have, you could have your students keep the words in their hand an continue collecting them, or you can have them return them to the pile and select a new card.

Do the activity with a piece of equipment. If you are in your soccer unit, have the students dribble a ball from spot to spot to spell the word.
Do with math equations (1+3=4) by using numbered poly spots on the floor.

  • Students should take turns with each job when they are ready to try to go across the gym again.
  • Students should not touch other team’s cubes at any time.
  • Students will take the first sight word card they touch. Remind them not to spend much time in the sight word card area. Remind 2nd – 3rd grade students to not repeat sight words.
  • Each student gets to choose the exercise to complete for their sight word card AND the WHOLE team must complete the exercise.


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