Spot the Scoop

Set up:


Spot the Scoop

Balance the ice cream scoop while the other person searches for the right spot color!



  • Scatter the hidden spots all over the gym space
  • Put the students onto 6 teams behind a cone
  • Give each team an ice cream cone
  • Put the remaining scoops of ice cream in a hoop near teacher

How to play:

Assign each team a color (the cone in front of them is there color)

  • When the teacher says go, the first student in the line runs to a hidden spot, turns it over to see the color. If it is the color they need (let’s say purple) they take the spot to the teacher and earn their ice cream scoop.
  • The next person in line should be balancing the ice cream scoop while the person in front of them searches for the right spot color.
  • If a student travels to a spot and it is not a color they want, they should flip it back over and return back to their team so the next student can go out on the hunt.
  • The goal is to find all 6 scoops of your color before the other teams find theirs.
  • The other players should be watching the other teams flipping spots so they can see where their color might be.
  • You can also balance the ice cream cone in the cone for your team.


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