Stomp and Score Sequence

Set up:


Stomp and Score Sequence

Both a team and partner target activity using cannon launchers to earn alphabet cards to place them in sequential order!

Stomp & Score Sequence is both a team and partner target activity using cannon launchers to earn alphabet cards to place them in sequential order. This activity can add math or literacy to your P.E. lesson.

SHAPE standards: P.E. Standards 1, 2, 4



Before students arrive set up all the targets (hula hoops, poly spots and round goals within the 10’ volleyball court lines (or in the center area of the gym). Based on the age and ability level of your students, decide on a distance and set up 6 cannon launchers with cubes on each side of the gym. Younger students should be about 10’ away, and you can increase the distance for older students. Use your best judgement. Behind each set of launchers lay down a floor tape line (length depends on the number of cards in your sequence). Place a cone at the front of the line where the students should start the sequence. Next to the cone, place a bucket with all necessary cards.

Sequence of events:

  • Divide the students into two teams and send them to a side of the gym. Within each team, students will need partners. Each set of partners should sit by 1 cannon launcher.
  • Partners will take turns launching the cube from the cannon launcher. The person who launches the cube, must retrieve it and put it back into the launcher for their partner.
  • If a cube lands on a target, the student who launched the cube will go to their team’s bucket and collect the correct number of cards:
  • Hula hoop = 1 card
  • 19” poly spot = 2 cards
  • Round goal = 3 cards
  • Once the cards are collected, the student will place the card(s) on the floor tape line in sequential order.
  • The first team to place all ABC cards in sequential order wins.
  • If time allows, reset the game and play again.


Rules and safety:

  • Students will be moving in various directions. Remind students to be aware of their surroundings.
  • Students may only touch their cube.
  • There is no defense or interfering with another cube.
  • If a student recognizes that a card is out of order, they MAY fix it for their team.


  • Use any sequence variation:
  • Numbers
  • Site Words (alphabetical order)
  • Math Flash Cards (sequence by total, product, etc.)
  • Place a bucket of cards in the center. The team that can collect the most cards AND have them in sequential order wins.
  • Use different skills to earn cards:
  • Rolling
  • Underhand Throwing


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