The Benefits and Needs of an Athletic Trainer

The Benefits and Needs of an Athletic Trainer

Every athlete knows that a sports season takes a major toll on your body. No matter how much an athlete tries to power through, their body can hit a wall in the dog days of a season. That wall is tough to push through, but with athletic trainers, it can seem like paper rather than steel.

Injuries are an inevitable part of a sports season. At Your Own Risk reports that 90% of student athletes sustain a sports related injury and 54% of student athletes play while injured. Getting banged up may be part of the thrill of the sport, but it is essential that every athlete is treated in the best way possible so they can continue to put their bodies on the line for their team.

Having an athletic trainer provide consistent aid for your athletes is especially beneficial when they are full-time. The University of Idaho discusses how a full-time athletic trainer can build a strong relationship with the athletes as patients. A full-time athletic trainer will be able to understand their bodies’ tendencies, which helps them understand how to treat them in the best way possible. The article also hits on more benefits of having an athletic trainer, such as being the only form of health care an underprivileged athlete may have, as well as providing risk management for a team’s everyday schedule. It is sometimes forgotten that an athletic trainer is a healthcare professional, meaning their opinions and knowledge are valid.

A properly equipped athletic trainer is also imperative to making sure athletes feel secure. School Health provides athletic trainers with all the equipment needed to keep your athletes safe and healthy all season long.

The Mueller Protégé Athletic Training Kit and Medical Bag  allows athletic trainers to be game ready on the field or court. This medical bag can be purchased stocked with 3”x 3” gauze pads, cold packs, ointments and other items that provide trainers with all the equipment they need to prepare for any mid-game injury.

In case of a more serious medical emergency, emergency response equipment is essential for an athletic trainer to save an athlete’s life. The Zoll AED Pro provides immediate care for an unresponsive athlete by providing shocks and a CPR feedback pad For more options on supplies and more, take a glance at the Sports Medicine Supply List from School Health, to make sure your athletic trainer has what they need to perform.

Along with being medically equipped, keeping athletes hydrated is another main duty for athletic trainers, especially with spring sports right around the corner. The Gatorade G Series Performance Package provides powders, bars and coolers to make sure your high school athletes are always replenished after a break from the action.

Having athletic trainers fully equipped with the proper equipment raise their confidence in providing exceptional care, build trust from their athletes, and put athletes’ parents knowing their child is in good hands, thus making them an essential part of every team and school.