The Great Alphabet Race

Set up:


The Great Alphabet Race

Work on throwing and tossing skills to gain letters to finish the alphabet!

Grade: K-5

Equipment Needed:


  •  Place trigoal in the center of the gym
  • Scatter one or two sets of the alphabet poly spots around the goal
  • Around the perimeter of the gym, place hoops with dodgedisc, alphabet card and marker inside
  • Send two students (partners) to each hoop

How to Play:

Each partner duo will take turns jogging to the letter they have next on their sheet, tossing the dodgedisc into the trigoal, and returning back to their partner.

If they are successful, they cross off the letter, and the next person shoots for the next letter. If they are not successful, the next partner tries for the same letter goal.

Once a partner duo finishes their alphabet successfully, they can trade in their dodgedisc for another piece of equipment and go again. You could also have your intermediate students give a PE specific word for each letter as they go.

Start at the letter with the arrow. What’s a PE word that begins with that letter?


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