The Zone™ Cannon Launcher Games


The Zone™ Cannon Launcher Games

A customer favorite! Here are 4 games you can play with our Cannon Launchers! 

Court – Similar to a baseball field, Set up 3 Cannon Launchers to create a “home plate” and place the Poly Spot or any Base where the pitcher’s mound would be. Increase or decrease the distance between the Cannon Launchers and the Poly spot depending on the age/grade level of participants. Game Play – Separate the class into two teams. Have one team go into the outfield and one team lines up as the Jumping/batting team. Each player on the Jumping/batting team takes turns jumping on the Cannon Launcher to send the foam ball into play. To score a run the jumper/batter must run to the Poly spot and back to the launchers to score one point. They can choose to stay on the Poly spot and wait for the next jumper to get them home. The team in the outfield can get the jumpers/batters out by catching the ball in the air, or making a force out by getting the ball to the base before the runner gets to the base. There is no tagging and every place must be a force out. Also, once a runner has left the Poly spot to go home they cannot turn back or they are out. This will eliminate the runner changing direction and potentially running into someone running behind them. Teams change sides when 3 outs have occurred.

Cannon 500

Needs six Cannon Launchers – Any large space will work. Line all six Cannon Launchers up in a row with one person behind each one. Each launcher can launch two balls at a time. Each ball needs to have a unique number on it. Examples are 25, 50, 75, 100, etc…..

Game Play – There needs to be one person behind each Cannon Launcher. This person is responsible for loading and launching the Cannon Launcher. Everyone else picks a spot 50-100 feet away in front of the Cannon Launchers. When the teacher yells “Launch” the people behind the Cannon Launchers jump on them and launch the balls towards the players in the field. The players must collect enough points to reach “500” Points. Once they have reached the point value they can replace one of the Cannon Launchers and the game continues. Options – Instead of having individuals catching balls you can create teams of six. When the team has enough points to hit 500 exactly then the team replaces the team using the Cannon Launchers. You can also add different multiplication symbols to the balls to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and so on. You can also use letters to spell words, or use words to spell sentences.

Cannon 300

Needs six Cannon Launcher – Any Large space will work.  Line all six Cannon Launchers up in a row with one person behind each one.  Each launcher can launch two balls at a time.  Each ball needs to have a unique number on it.  Examples are 25, 50, 75, 100, etc..  Each player in the outfield has one bucket per player.  Large Jumbo Speed Stacks cups.

Game Play – The game is essentially played just like Cannon500 but there are no teams.  Each player must catch the cannon balls in the air and roll back the balls that are not caught to the cannon launchers.  Each them they catch a ball they must place it in their bucket.  Buckets should be placed on the sides or at the back of the court and out of the way.  Once a player collects 300 points they take their bucket and hand it to one of the cannon launchers and then take that persons place. The person who receives the bucket must now go into the outfield.  This is a continuous game and last’s a predetermined amount of time.

Cannon Shoot

Needs six Cannon Launchers, 6 Hoops, 6 Hoop Holders, 30 Spots (5 of each color red, blue, orange, green, yellow, purple)

Set the Hoops up using the hoop holders in a horizontal line at one end of the Gym or playing surface.  Then place the poly spots in a line every 12-15 feet away from the same colored hoop.  So if the hoop is yellow, you would make a row of evenly spaced yellow spots leading away from it.  Then place the yellow cannon launcher on the closest spot to the hoop facing the hoop.  Each person in that line would receive a yellow cannon ball (included with the cannons).  The object of the game is to shoot the cannon balls through the hoops at each poly spot.  After each successful shot the cannon is picked up and moved back one spot.  The first team to make a successful shot from the last spot is the winner.  Each player must receive their cannon ball after they shoot it and return to the back of the line.

Cannon Catch

Needs six cannon launchers and 30 spots (5 of each color red, blue, orange, green, yellow, purple)

This game is just like Cannon Shoot without the foam targets.  Instead of using a hoop to shoot through you have one player from each team stand 20 feet away from the closest spot.  The object is to catch the ball in the air when shot by a teammate.  After each successful catch the cannon is moved back one spot, the person who launched the cannon ball will change places with the person who caught the ball and the catcher goes to the back of the line of their team.  The first team to make a successful catch from all 5 spots is the winning team.  You can even make the teams reverse direction when they get to the back spot and have to work their way back to the first cannon again.


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