Tic Tac Throw

Set up:


Tic Tac Throw

Create a Tic-Tac-Toe while working on throwing and catching!



  • Spread jumbo colored spots with footballs on top along half-court line
  • On one endline place colored cones directly across from spots/balls
  • Students are placed into groups of 3-4 and stand behind cones facing spots/footballs
  • On opposite endline create three grids using floor tape or small poly spots (one grid for every two teams)
  • Place colored bean bags inside of bucket against the wall and behind grid (two buckets for each grid)

How To Play:

  • On signal the first Ss runs to jumbo spot, picks up ball and throws to 2nd Ss in line.
  • If ball is caught, the thrower places ball down on spot and runs down to their grid and grabs 1 bean bag out of their bucket and strategically places on grid and runs back to end of line
  • Catcher than becomes thrower and throws the ball to the next Ss in line.
  • If the ball is NOT caught, the thrower places ball down on spot and runs to end of line (they do NOT run and place a bean bag down) and next Ss in line becomes the thrower.
  • When all bean bags are down but there is no Tic Tac Toe yet, the next Ss in line will pick up one of their own bean bags and move it onto an empty square on grid.  They may NOT move their opponents beanbag.
  • Play continues until a Tic Tac Toe is made. 
    When one team wins, all bean bags are returned to bucket and a new game is started.
  • Play for a given amount of time and then rotate teams so they are playing against different opponents.
  • When throwing Ss must have at least one foot on the spot.


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