Triangle Cannons

Set up:


Triangle Cannons

Get as many laps around the triangle as you can!

By KayDee Perry


Get as many laps around the triangle as you can.


Equipment Note: All teams should color coordinate their equipment.


Set Up:

The playing area should be a large circle shape.
Create 6 triangles using 3 cones/markers each. Place the triangles evenly around the outer edge of the circle, with the triangle point facing away from the center. Each triangle should be a separate color that will coordinate with all other equipment used.
Place two cannons inside the top part of the triangle and load each cannon with 2 foam balls each.
Place one hoop in the middle of the triangle. 


One player is selected to go first as the cannon launcher.  The other players start behind that player.  Play starts when the first player jumps/stomps on both cannons and launches the 4 balls into the center of the playing area. 

Note: All six teams are shooting the balls into the middle to make it harder to retrieve the correct color balls.

As soon as the balls are launched, the player who launched them starts running laps around their triangle and keeps tally of how many laps are run.  All of the other players have to retrieve all 4 of their team’s color balls from the circle center and place them into their hoop to end the round.  Then the player who ran the laps writes down their number.

The players take turns being the cannon launcher/runners.


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