20 Surprising Facts About the Flu & Colds in the Classroom

  1. One sneeze can spray 3,000 infectious droplets into the air at more than 100 MPH.
  2. Cold and flu viruses can live up to 24 hours on hard surfaces like desks and textbooks, and up to 3 hours on your skin.
  3. The Rhinovirus is the official name for the common cold, and Rhino is Greek for 'nose'.
  4. 94% of parents feel it's important their children are taught how cold and flu viruses spread.
  5. 96% of school nurses agree that when a child comes to school sick, other children tend to catch his or her virus.
  6. The common cold results in 22 million lost school days per year.
  7. Back to school is the best time for you to communicate with children and parents about how to minimize the risk of getting the cold and flu bug.
  8. Runny noses are easily spread among children in school.
  9. Reducing the spread of viruses in the classroom and the hallways of school is the best way to keep kids from getting sick.
  10. The Center for Disease Control recommends facial tissues as one of the key strategies to minimize cold and flu viruses.
  11. Every year, the U.S alone reports more than one billion colds and 25-50 million flue cases.
  12. Eight in ten consumers who are familiar with Kleenex® Anti-Viral* Tissues would recommend the product to parents or teachers.
  13. Students are exposed to cold and flu viruses all year round. Which is why it's important to battle cold and flu bugs with Kleenex® Anti-Viral* Tissues all school year.
  14. An estimated 125 million workdays are missed by parents who stay home with a sick child.
  15. Kleenex® Anti-Viral* Tissue is the only facial tissue that kills 99.9% of common cold and flu viruses* in the tissue within 15 minutes, including the pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus* (formerly called swine flu).
  16. 88% of mothers say their children caught the cold or flu from classmates.
  17. 79% of mothers feel their child gets sick more often during the school year.
  18. Children in school environments can have as many as 12 colds per year, according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
  19. 72% of moms surveyed feel cleaning up piles of facial tissues in the house when a family member is sick has contributed to their cold or flu.
  20. 57% of moms feel that placing a child's used tissue in their pocket on the go has contributed to the spread of the bug.

*Kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses in the tissue within 15 minutes. Virucidal against Rhinoviruses Type 1A and 2; Influenza A and B; and Respiratory Syncytial Virus; in the tissue within 15 minutes.

Source: http://www.kleenex.com/ColdAndFluFacts.aspx