Fine Motor & Blocks


As many educators and childhood development experts can attest, play is a form of learning for young children. Playtime is when young children learn skills they will develop and expand on for the rest of their lives. One of the simplest and yet life changing learning tools for a young child are toy blocks. These simple toys teach a child some important lessons such as mathematics, problem-solving, reasoning, creativity, and other fine motor skills needed to succeed as they grow.

We offer a wide selection of toy blocks for fine motor skills starting at the most basic level and expanding into more complicated learning concepts. Our basic building blocks for beginners are available in various types such as big wood-like blocks and jumbo textured blocks. These blocks are designed for use by toddlers so they are made of soft yet durable foam materials to ensure safety and long-lasting value. These blocks teach a range of skills in a fun, lively way with their oversized design and bright colors. We also offer building blocks for learning more advanced skills. These high-quality fine motor products help children sharpen their problem-solving skills by introducing concepts such as dexterity, lacing, manipulation, and puzzles. Block building products take the skills they learned at a younger age playing with blocks and adds to it by expanding their problem-solving skills, reasoning abilities, cause and effect understanding, and other necessary skills they need to be successful as they develop. When children are learning new skills, it is best to keep them engaged through play learning. With our selection of brightly colored and kid-friendly toys for motor skill development, they will have the learning tools they need without causing strain to your budget. With our selection of affordable options from trusted brands, rest assured you are making the right choice for your pre-K or child development center.

At School Health, we have over six decades worth of experience supplying schools, athletic centers, and child development centers with the best in related supplies. If you have any questions, our knowledgeable team would be happy to assist you further.

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