The successful day to day management of a child development center rests on the shoulders of the staff. The ability of the staff to safely and comfortably care for the children in their charge is dependent on having the right tools and resources for the job. With our selection of infant and toddler furniture, you will find all the necessities to outfit your setting with comfortable, safe, and affordable solutions.

We offer a wide selection of toddler and infant furniture to meet your needs. With a large inventory featuring trusted names in the industry, rest assured children will be cared for at your development center in a caring way similar to their home environment for an easier transition. We offer infant furniture such as cribs, changing stations, and rockers. These items feature the best of durable construction for a long-lasting addition to your center. Made with the changing needs of child development centers in mind, many of the cribs offer foldable capabilities to help maximize space when not in use, as well as wheels for easy transport and storage. We offer changing tables in various sizes. Choose from options with built-in steps, multiple cabinets for storage, and other helpful features. Our inventory even offers wall mounted cabinets to store the necessities needed for a changing area for an organizational companion perfectly located next to the changing table. Nap time and play time often requires cots and mats for young children past the infant stage. Within our selection of toddler furniture, you will find a range of options to fit your budget and needs. Choose from standard padded mats, quilted mats, value pack mats, adjustable cots, and storage solutions to house these items. Many of the products in our inventory feature germ-free properties and are easy to clean for a safe environment parents and staff will feel good about.

With over 60 years of experience, School Health has been a source for the highest standards in products designed for schools, child development centers, and athletic complexes. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the products we proudly feature.

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