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When it comes to preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and illness causing germs, hand washing is one of the first lines of defense. Ensuring proper hand washing in a school setting can help cut down on illnesses such as influenza and stomach virus being passed from student to student. With the use of school hand soap dispensers, you can ensure this extra precautionary measure is successfully implemented.

We offer a range of school hand soap dispensers to choose from. With the trusted brand of GOJO, you can add these affordable dispensers to your school. Certified green due to their environmentally friendly manufacturing methods and materials, these dispensers are easy to install and last for years. They are biodegradable for a choice you can feel good about. The design was created with the most hygienic operation possible for a dispenser to help cut down on germs. In addition to dispensers for foaming hand soap, these multi-purpose units can be used with hand lotion soaps for a clean that will also moisturize. We also offer a wide selection of school hand soap from trusted brands. When choosing a school hand soap, we offer options in bulk bottles for added value, as well as individual cleansing wipes for on the go situations such as field trips. Choose from soap brands such as Dial, Hibiclens, and more for a clean you can trust. We offer soaps to accommodate a range of dispenser styles and sizes. We offer antimicrobial, antiseptic, and sulfate-free varieties, as well as hypoallergenic options, to find the option that is recommended for your setting. With our affordable selection of high-quality hand washing solutions, find everything you need to keep your students safe from harmful germs.

At School Health, it has been an honor to be your source for school health supplies since 1957. Originally focused primarily on school settings, we have since expanded our reach to include a multitude of locations in need of high-quality health care solutions. With our affordable prices and professional grade products, we are confident you will find exactly what you need. If you have any questions, our staff would be happy to help.

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