The development of proper speech habits can be greatly aided by having the right products readily available to students. When it comes to this area of learning, speech therapy workbooks are a helpful tool that can help a student progress to the next level while building on existing skills. With our selection of these essential items, you can give students the chance at successful skill development that they deserve to make the desired progress.

We offer a diverse selection of speech therapy workbooks to meet your needs. Our selection of speech therapy workbooks features the DOT method of speech development that allows students to fill in dots as they work through exercises. This method has been shown to offer improved cognitive retention of the concepts being covered in the lesson. The DOT workbooks and tools cover a range of necessary lesson topics such as articulation, phonological ability, grammar, reading comprehension, and many other relevant areas that need to be mastered for proper speech. We also offer more hands-on approaches such as the Double Dice method that teach key learning objectives while employing the rolling of dice to turn learning into fun. These helpful speech therapy workbooks and associated tools cover articulation of individual sounds, as well as comprehensive language strides. In addition to these two methods, we also offer other workbooks that introduce students to these important concepts while expanding their vocabulary. Regardless of which program you select, all of these workbooks offer students a chance to excel at their own pace while mastering key concepts. Add these to your study plan and watch your students overcome their toughest obstacles.

At School Health, we have spent the last 60 years proving out valued customers with the best in high-quality solutions for a range of situations. We offer products designed for health and wellness, as well as options to tailor the learning needs of students across a range of ages. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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