Vision & Hearing Screening Equipment


When it comes to early childhood health, early diagnosis of common issues can have a monumental impact on the life of the child. For hearing and vision, regular screenings during the development years can lead to an early diagnosis for a healthier, happier life. We offer a range of hearing and vision screening equipment to help you care for your students with ease and accuracy.

Our selection of equipment is offered by trusted brands for performance and accuracy you can count on for many years. When shopping for vision screening equipment, we offer a wide selection of necessary items such as visual acuity test charts, state specific vision screening needs, occluders, and more. We also offer various devices designed to make testing vision easy, accurate, and quick. Aside from the products designed for vision, we also offer a range of hearing screening equipment. Choose from such hearing screening equipment essentials as Otoacoustics Emission devices, audiometers, tympanometers, noise dosimeters, and more. These products are made with the latest in technological and system advancements for devices of the highest quality offering consistent performance. Certain models are designed to be lightweight and portable for testing in various locations. Certain models are offered with various warranties to ensure total satisfaction and performance for the life of the device. We also offer smaller necessities for checking hearing such as ear plugs, earphones, ear wash systems, audio wipes, and more. No matter what you need, we have you covered with our affordable options from high-quality brand names. Find everything you need to implement a screening routine into your school, center or location.

At School Health, it has been our privilege to be your destination for reliable health care supplies for the last 60 years. Originally specializing in school settings, we have since expanded our operations to include childhood development centers, athletic complexes, and other locations in need of professional-grade medical supplies. With our affordable options and high-quality products, we are confident you will find everything you need. If you have any questions, our staff would be happy to assist you further.

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