When it comes to caring for the health of students, vision is an important aspect. Whether in a school setting or a child development center, vision screening accessories can help ensure proper screening and care are given in terms of eye health.

We offer a diverse selection of affordable vision screening accessories to round out your vision screening program. Our inventory of high-quality vision screening accessories features top brands such as Good-Lite, Honeywell, FGX, and more, for dependable performance to live up to your high standards. One of the most essential items when screening vision is occluders. They allow the focus to be on one eye at a time for proper diagnosis of potential issues. We offer these useful vision screening accessories in various types to fit your needs such as child-friendly options with cartoon characters, disposable plastic models in bulk, and more. Another important part of screening vision are glasses that work in the same as occluders, but also allow you to adjust the available powers to get a more accurate reading of vision acuity. In addition to occluders and glasses, we also offer a wide range of accompanying needs such as fixation tools including low contrast testing tools and flicker wands, as well as 4-dot tests. When the exam is finished, reward the patient with a sticker showing their accomplishment! We have several options for stickers to add something special to student’s day after a vision exam. Whether you need supplies to meet specific state mandated standards or your own high standards, we have you covered with a range of affordable options perfect for your vision screening protocols.

At School Health, we have spent over 60 years providing various locations with the best in budget-friendly healthcare solutions from top brands in the field. With our large inventory of high-quality options, we are confident you will find exactly what you need for your students. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have or assist you in any way.

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