An Inclusive Exercise System for Physical Education

Create an inclusive learning environment, facilitate communication, keep students engaged, and help them live more active lives! With the Visual Exercise System (VES), educators will be able to save time and put their attention into providing high quality instruction that will empower their students to lean and participate in physical activities.

Our ready-to-use VES packs feature color-coordinated small and large visuals with matching images that show students how to do each exercise correctly. By using the small Velcro-backed visuals, students can create exercise schedules, first-then boards, and countdown boards that can provide structure, communicate expectations, and signify time passing.

Health and Physical Education consultationHealth and Physical Education consultation

Available VES Packs

Five Components with Bonus Abdominal Strength Activities to improve body image, posture, motor coordination, muscular fitness, and cardiovascular fitness, plus bonus abdominal strength.
Sports Package

Teaches fundamental skills of 12 sports in a way that’s easy to understand. Emphasizes proper technique and core game principles.

Yoga Package Teaches movements to enhance flexibility while promoting relaxation as students stretch and strengthen their muscles.
Dynamic Flexibility Activities done without equipment promote flexibility, strength, and balance.

EdTech for Physical Education

The Exercise Buddy is a research supported, innovative app that improves fitness and behavior. Use it with all individuals – no matter their age, motor skills or cognitive ability!


  • Over 125 exercises and matching peer-led videos
  • Teaching Tools section helps parents provide activities to do at home and allows teachers to teach exercise across the curriculum
  • Visual exercise categories - motor coordination, body image, posture, abdominal strength, muscular fitness, yoga, sports skills, dynamic flexibility, and fitness room

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