Game Ready Athlete Insurance Program

Get A Game Ready System Through The Athlete Insurance Program

The Game Ready Athlete Insurance Program (AIP) was developed to help high schools, colleges, and professional athletic programs gain access to the Game Ready system with help from an athlete’s primary or secondary insurance. This program helps athletes receive the clinically proven results and provides accelerated recovery through the Game Ready system, while reducing (and in some cases eliminating) the cost of the Game Ready system..

How does it work?

  1. Complete these forms with the athlete and their physician.
  2. Submit the forms, along with the clinic notes for the injured athlete1, to
  3. School Health and Game Ready will facilitate the patient forms to determine benefits for the athlete. This comes at no cost to the athlete or the athletic program, and can help identify the level of participation from the primary or secondary insurance. Though benefit verification isn’t a guarantee of coverage, our experience allows you to eliminate the guess work of what may and may not be covered through an insurer.
  4. School Health will contact you with the expected level of participation to the athlete or athletic program.
  5. The athlete or athletic program can place the order with School Health. The athlete or athletic program is responsible to pay the portion of the Game Ready system that is not covered by the insurance company.

1Clinic notes include but are not limited to X-Ray, MRI Scans, injury diagnosis, rehab methods, physical therapy recommendations, or medical necessity for pneumatic compression/cold therapy treatments.

Game Ready is a revolutionary treatment system that provides the best standard of care in injury and post-operative recovery. With Game Ready you can simultaneously apply pneumatic compression and adjustable cold therapy to reduce swelling, minimize pain, and enhance your body’s natural healing abilities.

Special Offer

After your athletic program orders three Game Ready systems, we will send you a free ankle, knee, or boot promo wrap! The free wrap helps you ensure that you have enough wraps to treat a range of injuries and keep all of your athletes performing to the best of their ability.

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