Educational Aids & Resources


Learning is an all-encompassing task in the right environment. When it comes to finding the best in education aids for your students, you want products that will engage and excite their young minds. It has been proven that learning is always easier when the student is actively engaged in the lesson. While there are many important lessons taking place in the classroom, some of the most important lessons students will take with them for a lifetime are learned outside of a set curriculum. With these tools, you can ensure all students have a chance to shine while learning and growing.

We offer a wide selection of educational aids for all grades to meet your high standards. Our all-inclusive collection of products features everything from books and pamphlets to keep yourself and others informed of illnesses and health concerns to bulletin boards complete with everything you need to tackle tough issues such as bullying and healthy eating choices. Aside from the information that is lively and ready to read, we also offer interactive learning products to keep them actively engaged in essential topics related to self-growth. These products for interactive learning make learning about relevant topics into a game for a lesson they are sure to remember. Choose from such effective options as dominos, boards games, and puzzles teaching an emphasis on important non-curriculum lessons such as hand washing, healthy eating, safety habits, and more. Whether you need products to help a student dealing with menstruation for the first time or a variety of fun stickers to encourage students to make good choices for their health, find it all with our wide collection of necessary items.

For over 60 years, School Health has been committed to providing you with the highest quality products at the most affordable option for all your school health related needs. With a wide inventory featuring the leading manufacturers in the world of healthcare solutions, we are confident you will find the perfect choice. We would be glad to answer any questions you may have about any of the exceptional products we proudly offer.