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There are several ways to measure hearing ability within the complexity of the human ear. One of the most common is the use of OAE hearing screener devices. Otoacoustics emissions are sounds originating from within the ear caused by the vibrations of the outer hair cells of the cochlear. This can be an effective way to test hearing and it is one the most commonly found hearing screener methods in schools.

We offer several options for hearing screening products, including the OAE screening method, to help you recognize, screen, and recommend further action for the well-being of your students’ hearing health. With trusted brands, such as Welch Allyn and Maico for performance you can count on for an accurate reading, find the perfect solution for your school, clinic, or child development center. These devices are adaptable for the treatment of newborn, pediatrics, and adult treatment with various tips. Devices feature easy to use controls for a quick, hassle-free reading with each use. They generate results that are easy to read and do not require intense interpretation. With long battery life capabilities and lightweight designs, these OAE devices are transportable when needed. They even offer test result storage in select devices so you can keep accurate records at all times. When looking for a combination device to test both hearing and vision, we offer several kits to meet these needs. Kits are offered with lengthy warranties to ensure a great return on the investment. No matter what sort of device you seek, we have you covered with these affordable solutions for ensuring the health of your students. If you have questions about these devices or kits, please contact us today.

At School Health, it has been a privilege to be your source for school health supplies since 1957. While we originally began our operations catering strictly to school settings, we have since expanded to include other locations in need of high-quality, professional-grade medical items. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have while shopping with us. Call or order online today.

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