Preventing the spread of disease is a primary focus for large scale areas with large concentrations of people, such as schools and child development centers. When it comes to preventing a potentially dangerous and disruptive epidemic, infection control education is of paramount importance. With the right tools for your location, staff members, and students, you can ensure infection control education takes place to prevent any issues.

We offer a diverse selection of infection control education resources to prepare your staff and students for these situations. With a focus on training and shedding light on the factors that cause an infection to spread, as well as steps to take to help contain it as much as possible, these infection control education tools and resources can put your mind at ease. We offer a wide range of education resources in the form of workbooks, online training programs, posters, stickers, and more. One of the main ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases is with proper hand washing. We offer several products that will bring this aspect of infection control to the forefront for students. Teach students the proper way to wash their hands and how often with colorful, easy-to-read instruction material. Prepare your staff for how to handle and minimize the effects of communicable outbreaks with a handy guide. Drive the point home with a selection of products that will show germs using innovative liquid solutions and specially manufactured lights. These kits are a great training tool to show students how many germs are really present in an environment or on their hands after they’ve washed their hands or to help them improve their hand washing. We also offer refill supplies for these kits on an individual basis to meet your needs. When it comes to preventing the spread of germs and disease, training and education is the best method available. Add these products to your location today!

At School Health, we have spent the last six decades as a leading source for a range of essential times for schools, athletic complexes, and child development centers. If you have any questions about these products, please contact us for assistance.

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