Easy, Secure, & Accurate Student Medical Record-Keeping Software

HealthMaster HealthOffice Anywhere

Have you experienced any of the following with your current medical record keeping system:

  • Documentation taking up too much of your day?
  • Fear that your current documentation method isn't compliant with professional record-keeping standards?
  • Frustration that your school-supplied system doesn't provide you with nursing language and work-flow?
  • Wondering if there is a system that can help fund your health program by collecting for billable services?

Benefits at a Glance:

Nurse-friendly: Quick and easy access to information lets you focus on what matters most -- your students.

Efficient: Fewer clicks and more information at a glance means more time for treating patients.

Consistent: Nursing languages and best practices to ensure quality standard of care.

Reliable: All-in-one maintenance of your health records gives you 100% confidence that you will be able to access information quickly in an emergency.

Compliant: Automatic immunization calculation and screening tracking.

Complete: Office visits, medications, screenings/referrals, immunizations, care plans, counseling, and much more -- saves time and money.

Meaningful: Virtually unlimited reporting capabilities illuminates your role as a school nurse, supports grant initiatives, reduces risk, and provides important information with a few clicks of a button.

Support: Direct, toll-free support gives you the assurance that you'll have help when you need it.

Accessible: Web-based and hosted by HealthMaster, you'll always have access to your records, anywhere at any time.

Cash-flow: Integrated Medicaid billing increases revenue, making this a self-sustained program!

School Health and Healthmaster have partnered to provide you with the only truly complete hosted electronic medical record system available to schools today. Healthmaster’s HealthOffice Anywhere suite of web services provide an extensive list of software and options, including comprehensive nursing documentation and reporting; special education IEP case management with a full-featured IEP writer; true ad-hoc reporting; and pre-audited Medicaid billing documentation, as well as Healthmaster’s all new Medicaid claim processing services - providing complete reporting at the push of a button.

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Comments or Questions:

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that things have been going really great with the Healthmaster Anywhere Program. It's been so convenient having a web based product and being able to access it from anywhere. Charting is no longer limited to the walls of my office. The templates are easy to build and make charting lightning fast and navigation is rather clever and intuitive when finding students.

The other bonus is that there is no fear of losing data due to server power outs. Hurricane Sandy left my school without power for over a week. When I came back into work, everything was as I had left it. No data was lost, all records were intact. I've been using Healthmaster products for about the last 4 years, and was hesitant to switch from Healthmaster Enterprise to the Healthmaster Anywhere, but the web based product clearly fit all my needs and is a perfect fit for both me and my district. Keep up the good work."
School Nurse

"The Health Services Department in our district has been using HealthOffice for six years. We use the program extensively for health office documentation of office visits, assessments, screenings, care plans, district forms, exams and multiple reports. This program is very beneficial to our district"
Clark County School District

Features Include:

  • Most comprehensive and versatile school nursing documentation program available
  • Customizable data element fields
  • Customizable student and state specific statistical reports and graphs
  • Optional customizable Data Warehouse updated nightly and ad hoc reporting module
  • Audited and Certified Data Center to ensure data and servers are safe
  • Optional enhanced Medicaid billing system
  • Optional Special Education Case Management System with customizable IEP writer
  • Import/Export capability to immunization registries
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Optional SIF
  • Completely web-based: available 24/7 over the internet using any of the common browsers on your PC, Mac, iPad, or other tablet
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