Identifying and Fixing 'Holes’ in Academic and Functional Skills

In this webinar, we discuss how to identify and fix 'holes' in academic and functional skills. With the help of the OATECA Functional Assessment and Curriculum Activities, you can formulate IEPs for intervention by targeting weaknesses and measuring progress.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Become equipped with the tools you need to empower effective teaching.
  • Assess students with significant disabilities.
  • Efficiently measure progress, no matter how small.

About the Presenters:

Sheryl Hazelbaker

  • National Board Certified Teacher, Maurice Walraven Award from Oklahoma Director of Special Services,
  • RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Professional
  • In her 32 years of experience as a special education teacher, facilitator, and assistant director, she has witnessed firsthand the need for a service that can provide tools and strategies for assessing and addressing the individual needs of each student with a disability.

Tiffany Massie

  • Teacher of the Year for the Mustang School District (2016)
  • Top 12 Finalists for the Statewide Teacher of the Year Award (2016)
  • RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Professional
  • Her 20 years of experience in special education have given her unique insights into what students with disabilities need, as well as what schools and administrations need in order to function effectively.