Mobile Sensory Room

Your all-in-one solution for bringing the therapeutic magic of sensory rooms to wherever it is needed.

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Product Description

Crafted with precision and designed for convenience, this mobile marvel transforms any space into a dynamic sensory haven.

Key Components:

Front: The Bubble Calming Space

Immerse yourself in serenity with the front section of our cart. Encased in mirrors with elegantly opening doors, this bubble calming space reflects the soothing glow of the housed bubble tube. The interactive button knobs at the base allow for a personalized sensory experience, letting users effortlessly change colors and light patterns. Plus, a mesmerizing fiber optic kit emanates from the base, adding an extra layer of sensory delight.

Side: Interactive LED Tiles and Light-Up Table

On the side, discover three large components that elevate the interactive aspect of our mobile cart. Housed here are two interactive LED tiles and a versatile LED light-up table/sand table. Easily removable, these components empower therapists to engage clients in dynamic, hands-on activities.

Once the session is complete, seamlessly store them back for effortless transport.

Back: Sensory Cabinet

The back end of our Mobile Sensory Cart is a treasure trove of sensory wonders. A spacious cabinet with three shelves holds an array of sensory tools and resources carefully curated to create the ultimate sensory experience. Therapists can access and utilize these tools with ease or use the space to store their choice of tools.

Experience the flexibility and effectiveness of the PlayLearn Mobile Sensory Cart. Elevate your therapeutic sessions by bringing the sensory room to your clients, fostering a space of exploration, relaxation, and engagement.

Key Features:

  • Mirrored bubble calming space with customizable lighting
  • Interactive LED tiles and a versatile light-up table for dynamic therapy sessions
  • Convenient storage and transport with easily removable components
  • Fiber optic kit for added sensory stimulation
  • Fully stocked sensory cabinet for comprehensive therapeutic sessions
  • All supplies included with purchase of SensaRoam™
Height 72
Width 30
Length 48
Assembly Required No
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Choking Hazard No
Sterile No