Electronic Health Records Planning Checklist

Use the checklist below when implementing an Electronic Health Record system in your school to ensure a smooth launch.

Learn how Electronic Health Records benefit the School Nurse, Special Education Professional, IT Professional, and Business Office Administrator.

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  • Form a committee with:
    • IT
    • School Nurses
    • Head of School Nursing (Coordinator, Director or Lead Nurse)
    • Administrative level advocate
    • Any other person who could be involved in the decision process
  • Determine your desired platform
    • Web based or client server
    • Be sure to ask about any facility certification and compliance for hosting
  • Determine most important features to your nursing staff and, if applicable, your special education team and social workers
    • A good EHR will offer a solution to support coordinated care and consolidation of programs for Nursing Services, Special Education and Mental Health
  • Request a demo of the software
  • Determine how many user licenses you will need
  • Secure funding
    • Does the software have a revenue source that will offset the cost?
  • Determine timeline with your EHR vendor:
    • Configuration (setting security rights in your program, etc.)
    • Desired training dates – training 1 to 2 days or more (depending on size of your district)
    • Launch date – when all end-users will begin to use the program as their method of charting
  • Develop plan for implementation
    • Your EHR provider should have an implementation team to assist you through this process
  • Develop policies and procedures relating to your new EHR system
  • Training
  • Launch Program

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