NONIN Onyx® Vantage 9590 Fingertip Pulse Oximeters

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NONIN Medical's Onyx® Vantage finger pulse oximeters with PureSAT® technology quickly and accurately capture SpO2 and pulse rate measurements - even on patients where low perfusion is a challenge.
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Product Description

The NONIN Onyx Vantage 9590 Finger Pulse Oximeter is a small, lightweight, portable device indicated for use in measuring and displaying functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (%SpO2) and pulse rates of patients who are well or poorly perfused. It is intended for spot-checking of adult and pediatric patients on digits (fingers, thumb, toes) in a wide-range of environments in one unit.

Accuracy matters, and Onyx Vantage provides accurate data for actionable reliable readings for confident decision-making:

* Accurate measurements across patient populations, inclusive of all skin pigmentations

* NONIN PureSAT® technology captures SpO2 and pulse rate measurements quickly and accurately

* Withstands a minimum of 50 drops and exceeds IP32 water ingress testing requirements

* Clinician-facing, bright LED allows SpO2 and pulse rate readings from any angle, in all light conditions

* Fits pediatric to adult patients within one unit; accommodates fingers, thumbs or toes from 8mm to 25.4 mm (0.3 to 1.0 in.)

* Three-color pulse quality indicator LED provides quick assessment of patient pulse quality

Designed for lasting value:

* Reliable readings in even the most challenging conditions

* Power turns on when applied and off when removed

* Small and portable, weighs less than two ounces

* Provides up to 6,000 spot checks or 36 hours of continual operation on two AAA batteries

* Includes an industry-leading 4-year warranty

CPT Code 94760
Assembly Required No
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Testimonials "I bought my Onyx pulse oximeter and this thing works every day without fail despite being cleaned 30 times a day, being dropped, and/or being in my pocket banging against things. ...Your Nonin finger pulse oximetry units are worth every penny and I do not say that lightly about products. "
- Jeffrey Burd, Clinician

"We need tough, reliable and compact medical devices. We cannot afford to have the equipment we bring break down. My Nonin oximeter has been a life saver! ...It works accurately for small children through adults. The speed and accuracy of getting a pulse and saturation is helpful when we are crazy busy.
- Teresa Weidenbacher, Clinician

"The Nonin Onyx II gave me the most reliable results and stood up to the wear and tear of use around the clock. The read out was easy to read and performed in every condition I encountered.
- Darrick Tovey, Clinician

"I am so lost without my best friend, the Nonin Pulse Oximeter. It is one of my best tools I have to know the status of my patients. It allows me to make my best clinical judgments on how my patients are doing in seconds. I love how the green light tells me and my patients how they are doing!
- Agnes Prassas, Clinician

"Nonin Onyx is the best as it can be in your pocket or around your neck to be used in an instant if an ABG is ordered stat. Also, it has proven accuracy.
- Tamara Bell, Clinician

"It is reliable, rugged, and right at my fingertips when I need it most. The Onyx helps us make the right decisions.
- Jason Kutinac, Clinician

"Donna is a small community of 16,024 mostly Hispanic residents in deep south Texas. It was an ordinary morning at Lenoir Elementary. The nurse's office was quite busy with daily visits and medication administration. At approximately 10:00 AM I received a call via radio from Mr. Zamora security officer requesting m y assistance with a student that was breathing rapidly. When I first arrived at the location the student was sitting on a bench, he was alert and responsive his respirations were 34. I instructed him to breathe slowly and assured him he would be okay. We assisted him onto a wheelchair and I brought him back to our nurse's office. His vital signs were as follows BP 149/87 Pulse 60 Respirations 28. We then transferred him onto the bed. He continued with rapid breathing and was not able to answer any more questions. I then checked his oxygen saturation using the Nonin Pulse Oximeter and it read 36% . At that point I instructed Mr. Zamora to call 911 and Mrs. Ortega CNA notified the student's mother. The student then was unresponsive and stopped breathing so I initiated I initiated rescue breathing for 30 seconds at what point student resumed breathing on his own. His heart rate ranged from 180-200. A code blue was announced via intercom and all safety measures were properly taken. EMS arrived and took over his care. Report was given to EMS including student's past medical history of ADHD with Focalin 10mg daily. Mother accompanied student in the ambulance. He was evaluated at Knapp Medical Center and diagnosed with a heart murmur. He was then referred to a cardiologist for further testing. The Nonin Pulse Oximeter played a significant role in this emergency situation and would highly recommend it for all school settings. The student returned to school and has resumed his daily activities with no restrictions."
- Nurse Lissa Pena, RN, Donna ISD
Choking Hazard No
Sterile No