Deaf Communication Tools


Communication is a key component of any learning experience. For those with differing abilities in terms of hearing, deaf communication products are a necessity to make learning accessible. Give your students with differing abilities a welcoming and productive learning environment with these high-quality deaf communication tools designed to meet their specific needs.

We offer a wide selection of deaf communication products from trusted brands such as Time To Sign, Ultratec, and more. These industry leaders create products made to meet the needs of those with hearing impairments to improve overall communication abilities. One of the most essential items we offer for deaf communication tools are the instructional materials for teaching American Sign Language. Teaching ASL can quickly become overwhelming for both the teacher and the student. With these tools and resources, ease this process and make learning new words fun! From workbooks to DVD lessons, these materials offer guided exercises to allow students to gain a solid grasp on the concepts of ASL. Products feature lively colors and images to keep young minds engaged in the material. In addition to the learning resources, we also offer TTY (TeleType) and TTD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf) products. These devices are designed to aid in communication by translating speech into text and allowing someone with differing abilities in hearing to receive the speech in written text, as well as allowing them to respond to the other person. We offer a wide selection of these devices to help you find the right option for the individual and their needs. With our selection of affordable solutions designed with this special set of needs in mind, find the perfect solution to make communication easier!

At School Health, we have spent over six decades supplying schools with a wide range of necessary products. We have since expanded our scope to include a variety of settings from childcare centers to athletic complexes. If you have any questions while shopping our expansive selection, please contact us today.

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