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Low Vision Phones

When a person has differing abilities, it can make simple tasks seem more complicated. For those with vision impairments or low vision, one area of concern is often the phone. While these devices are intended to make communication easier for all involved, they can be off-putting to those with low vision. With our selection of vision impaired phones, find the perfect product with devices tailored specifically for this set of needs.

We offer low vision phones from some of the best brands in the industry such as Future Call, Clearsounds Communications, Clarity, and more. These brands create vision impaired phones of high standards for optimal performance that will make life a little easier. These phones are available in a variety of options such as cordless, speaker, and amplified. Phones feature larger numbers, as well as backlit options, to add to the improved visuals, and easy to read control buttons to provide an easier visual representation for those with low vision. Many of the phones are equipped with Braille as well for added functionality and user control. We even offer low vision phones that allow users to put the picture of loved ones or other important contacts to avoid having to dial an entire number altogether. We also offer speakerphones designed specifically for low vision needs that allow users to navigate with ease thanks to the improved design and larger fonts. Many of the phones are made to be usable by those with a range of differing abilities with features such as light up alarms, higher volume levels than typical phones, and other features that make them accessible to a range of individuals. Whether looking for a phone that lets you program emergency contacts with the press of a button or a phone that is simply easier to dial, find everything you need right here!

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